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10 Travel Jobs That Will Instantly Satisfy Your Soul

We all have the same 24 hours, how will you spend yours?

There are lots of different types of travel jobs out there and they can roughly be broken down into three categories: Jobs that require travel, Digital Nomad and Backpacker

The following travel jobs encompass one or more of those categories. If you crave the safety of permanent work, but you also want to live in a different country, then working abroad in a regular full-time type position might be best.

Keep in mind not all of these jobs are suitable for everyone. If you have a university degree, you might not be as willing to pick berries on a farm as someone else might be. Or maybe you are! I won’t judge.

Choose a profession that allows you to both wander and pay for your wanderings for the rest of your life.

Make Money Blogging

People who travel a lot while making money as a blogger is a dream job for many. Blogging as a travel job is not easy and it’s not especially quick to start making money. Earning a living with a travel blog is hard work — and can take a few years.

You do NOT have to be a travel blogger, you can blog about whatever you want. Blogging offers a great introduction to many different digital nomad careers – you’ll learn a bit more about SEO, about copywriting, web design, social media management etc. Other examples include food bloggers, mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers. Income generally comes from advertising, affiliate marketing, selling products, influencer projects, etc. But first, you need to build an audience!

If you’re looking for a career that involves traveling, a successful travel blog really is the golden ticket.

Teach English Abroad

This is probably one of the best travel careers out there and there’s a pretty low barrier to entry – most natives can get a travel job teaching English.
VIPKID is a company that contracts English teachers to teach students from anywhere in the world. Teaching English online allows you to travel anywhere while working at a job that reminds you of cultural differences daily.

You can teach English in so many countries these days and see the world at the same time. You can give yourself even more freedom by teaching English online and it’s possible to score some very high-paying gigs.

For online jobs, a college degree is required, and for foreign-based jobs, a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is also required.

Being a native speaker gives you an obvious advantage but it’s also possible for non-native speakers to get work teaching English too. Taking a TEFL course first will help you hit the ground running. It’s a small investment that will help you get a better-paying job. As long as you have access to a strong internet connection and schedule your days accordingly, you can travel to your heart’s desire while teaching English to your students online.

Bartending Jobs Abroad

Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are located worldwide and the job description is pretty much the same everywhere. The best way to find a bar job is just to walk around and ask if the bars are looking for any help, or if you’re having a pint somewhere, strike up a conversation with the bartender and get the scoop. It helps to speak the language, so you may need to invest in a few weeks of language classes.

Touristy places will be easier to find work in this industry and there’s no minimum or maximum time requirement. Plus the more experience you gain as a bartender, the more job opportunities will open up, with a potential for higher income.


Dropshipping is when you ship products to customers, usually in Europe or the USA, from somewhere cheap, usually China. You can begin drop shipping your own products through the Amazon affiliate program by producing your own versions of the products and ship them from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse.

Online Translation Jobs

You need to know a second language to be a freelance language translator. There are all kinds of companies out there who need translations done for websites, product manuals, books, and more.

You could even translate restaurant menus, translate websites and blog posts. The more fluent you are, the more money you can make.

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Freelance Travel Writer

You may be daydreaming at your 9-to-5 office job while researching travel jobs for side income, or you’re ready to ditch the office altogether and make a living traveling abroad. Writing about travel is a dream job for many, but it’s not something most people can just jump into. You have to be great with words and to learn about networking, pitching to editors, and all the other business stuff involved.

It’s possible to write for magazines, newspapers, websites, or travel guidebooks and travel the world. Freelance copywriting and other types of writing are also options.
Freelance writing is a job that will never go out of style as the digital footprint of businesses grows by the day.

Website & Graphic Design

One of the most common travel careers for digital nomads is graphics or website design. All you need is your computer, an eye for design, and knowledge of certain software programs and online platforms. Things like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Illustrator, etc.

If you know some programming languages can help too — specifically HTML, PHP, and CSS. You can learn it from school or on your own with tutorials.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very simple – you recommend a product or service to your audience, and if someone on your website uses that product or service, you get a commission!
Affiliate marketing is basically being a middle man and is one of the most popular, proven, and sustainable ways to create income online.

Become A Local Tour Guide

You could consider working as a local tour guide or assistant for an international tour company, either at a single popular location or for multi-destination tours. Another option is to become a travel entrepreneur and create your very own custom tours!

Becoming a tour guide is a great way to earn money in the travel industry while sharing your love of traveling.


If you love taking pictures, why aren’t you making the most of your skills and being paid for them? Breaking into freelance photography is no easy feat but it is totally possible if you have perseverance and work at honing your craft every day.

If you get really good at your craft, you can even land a job that requires you to travel as a professional photographer for either the media or, the dream, National Geographic.

Photographers earn money by capturing special events or family portraits on camera for clients. Have you heard about a friend’s upcoming wedding in Hawaii? Contract your photography services and be there to enjoy the travel experience and the travel job.

To become known for your photography skills and contract clients around the world, be sure to grow your social media following globally. As you take the opportunity to travel, share photographs of popular tourist locations for your following to see. Stage wedding or family photos at popular destinations to gain experience and a social footprint with your target clients.

We all have different backgrounds, skills, and comfort levels.

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