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10 Travel Safety Tips for First-Time Travelers

Stay safe abroad with these easy to remember top 10 safety tips for first-time travelers.

These travel safety tips are crucial for everyone – especially first-time travelers. If you are thinking of traveling abroad for the first time, here are some of the BEST Safety tips we collected for First-Time Travelers.
The first step to an international trip is to read Traveler’s Checklist on the to find out things to consider before you go.

Here are 10 of my best safety tips for staying safe as First-Time Travelers around the world.

Keep Your Head Up

Walk like you know where you’re going; it’s widely known that you’re less likely to be approached. A confident stride, with head held high, will give off a “don’t mess with me“ signal, and it will also mean you are more alert and aware of what is going on in your surroundings.
Never walk with your head buried in a map, or staring at your phone!

Ditch the designer labels

Most first-time travelers don’t pay much attention to this tip. Try not to stand out; do some basic research as to what the locals generally wear. Designer clothes and premium brand accessories will give the impression you have something worth stealing. It’s not just a matter of pickpockets hoping to take a wallet, phone or watch, in some places, people will demand your shoes or coat or even more.

Avoid going off the beaten track alone

If you know a certain part of town has a reputation for being on the dangerous side, stay clear – at least until you have become more travel savvy. If you can’t resist the urge to explore, book on an official organized tour, with a recognized excursion company. Avoid going off with a local guide unless your travel provider can vouch for them.

Leave expensive electronics at home

Cut the risk of losing your expensive electronics entirely and only take what you need. It might get broken, it might get lost, or it could attract the attention of an opportunistic thief. Your smartphone can take awesome quality photos and keep us in touch via email, so no need to take a camera and laptop on holiday too.

Be cautious of whose company you keep

Stay alert, stay sober, and always tell someone where you are going – whether it is the hotel or hostel staff, or family and friends back home.

Watch your wallet, purse, passport, phone

Keep what you can in a safe, only take the money you need for the day, and keep your belongings well hidden from others. Always make sure that your essentials are with you, within view, not left on or under a table, and carry your bag in front of you – some pickpockets simply slice open the bottom of the bag to get at stuff – and you won’t even know it is going on if it’s on your back!

Get Travel Insurance

Another important safety tip for a first-time traveler is Travel Insurance. You’d be surprised by how many people get too caught up in their trip itinerary plans to think of travel insurance. If anything does go wrong… lost or stolen passport, lost or stolen wallet, safeguard against lost luggage or canceled flights, or if you have been injured in an altercation, travel insurance is the one thing that can help you get back home. It can save you big bucks in the long run and give you peace of mind. If you don’t already have it, you most definitely need it.

It will cover costs such as travel to your local embassy and passport replacement, and of course, getting you back even if you’ve lost your tickets.

Write down important numbers

To make sure that you can get help if you need it, you need to know who to call. Having the local embassy phone number, your passport number, and travel insurance number on your phone is great, but make sure you have a hardcopy of these details back at your accommodation in case your phone is lost, damaged, or stolen. You should also make a note of family numbers in case of an emergency.

Think first aid

Safety tip to avoid infections and illness abroad. Make sure you keep an eye on bites and stings, and at the hint of a tummy bug, make sure that you avoid dehydration, it can be deadly! If you happen to get a few bug bites or a scratch while traveling – especially internationally – make sure to clean and treat them carefully and quickly! Pack a simple first aid kit with antiseptic cream and rehydration sachets in – take a first aid kit that covers the risks specific to your destination – this could include sterile IV kits, antibiotics, and malaria treatment

Avoid food poisoning

Last but not least safety tip is to avoid food poisoning. Food poisoning can make you very ill. It’ll ruin your holiday and you’ll find yourself in a hospital in a life-threatening situation. Make sure you follow the guidelines for avoiding food poisoning abroad. The risk varies between destinations, but generally speaking, as long as the food is piping hot and thoroughly cooked, it should be safe to eat. Particular foods to be aware of include cheese, ice cream, seafood, salads, and unpeeled fruit and vegetables. Tapwater and ice are not recommended too.

Be a savvy traveler! Get comprehensive travel insurance tailored to your needs and your getaway.

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