Bora Bora

5 great reasons to visit Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of the French Republic in the Pacific Ocean. French Polynesia is located in the South Pacific Ocean, it is halfway between California and Australia.

Bora Bora has something to offer for every occasion, interest and budget, an exciting multi-island vacation or just a quick romantic getaway. Despite the luxury and expensive budget, if planned well you can enjoy the majestic scenery with a tighter budget.

The island is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu are the remnants of an extinct volcano, rising at the highest points at 727 meters, located in the center of the island.
The climate in the surrounding Islands is considered to be tropical.

The lagoon, and the tropical underwater life, including sharks and rays, provide fantastic opportunities for many forms of water-based recreation, ranging from swimming to snorkeling and scuba and other options if you truly want to immerse yourself in this unique environment. This is one of the most popular islands in French Polynesia among celebrities and rich people from different countries.

Why Visit Bora Bora

The islands are an untouched sanctuary with black, pink and white sand beaches, azure waters and, an untrue reputation for being remote, but don’t miss out on snorkeling, surfing and shopping for Tahitian black pearls while on the idyllic island.

Bungalows Bora Bora
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Overwater Bungalows

The island of Bora Bora in the South Pacific is among the top choices for any couple’s honeymoons who can afford it. Your overwater bungalow or villa will give you private and direct access to the stunning turquoise lagoon of Bora Bora. Located over the crystal clear lagoon these unique rooms offer breathtaking views and direct access to the water.

These bungalows offer a bathroom complete with a bathtub and separate shower, a furnished sundeck with gazebo and direct access to the lagoon, an opening glass panel at the end of the bed. The bungalows have everything you need for some privacy.

There is a wide range of resorts in Bora Bora that can offer you this experience, suiting different budgets, to everyone’s pleasure. You can enjoy a private swimming pool and magnificent beaches, tennis courts, golf courses, diving clubs, and other entertainment complexes.

Bora Bora skuba diving
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Incredible Sea Life

After the overwater bungalow, marine life is the next main attraction for the destination. A variety of Tahiti fish species, coral, sharks, whales, turtles, and dolphins call the islands home.

There are many species of magnificent corals, fishes, and sea crustaceans of a thousand colors will amaze you with their diversity and large numbers within the lagoon. Perfect natural conditions create plentiful and regular growth of marine plankton in parts of the island’s famous lagoon. You can find here the world’s largest rays, the Manta Rays, are plankton eaters, and regularly visit the waters of the lagoon and over 500 species of marine wildlife.

Scuba Dive Bora Bora
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Scuba Dive in Bora Bora

There are many diving sites located inside as well as outside the lagoon, allowing you to meet a large variety of sea life. The island’s dive sites include diving with the famous Manta Rays, Sharks, also drift diving along with the stunningly beautiful coral gardens.

Scuba diving in Bora Bora is possible throughout the entire year. The summer, which is from November through April has more rainfall than the rest of the year. Scuba diving is perfect for couples, families or groups! You can enjoy it on your own or join guided tours.

Bora Bora paradise
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Incredible Place to Relax

Exclusive, secluded and undeniably romantic. There is no doubt why this is one of the top very special honeymoon destinations. You can enjoy a glass of Champagne on a motorized canoe or watching the sunset while you cruise the lagoon to a private motu.

Since the island is quite far from the rest of the world you can enjoy complete privacy, no crowded tourists. You can relax on the beach or in your private pool and feel like there is no one else in the world.

Matira Beach
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Visit Vaitape and Matira Beach

In 2017, CNN ranked the world’s best 100 beaches and Matira Beach in Bora Bora made the top 10.

Vaitape is the largest city of Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia. Vaitape is located on the western side of the main island. The main language of Vaitape is French. Here you can find a couple of decent-sized markets. A few miles outside of the city is the other yacht club, the Mai Kai, where you can eat in a nice restaurant.

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