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10 Travel Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

If you need some travel inspiration, follow Instagram travel photographers as they capture beautiful images of people, landscapes, and animals around the world. Travel, allows us to explore beyond the realm of our own environment, awakening deep respect and reverence of the world around us. We travel to different locations to explore, experience, and create memories that last a lifetime.

We all enjoy different kinds of photography. Some of these accounts are more personality-driven, while others create a steady stream of incredible travel images.
These amazing people are world travelers, explorers, and adventurers that make us want to jump out of bed or our daily grind and see the world.

To serve as inspiration, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Instagram Travel Photographers from the world’s best photographers and explorers will give us all the extra push to book a ticket for your next trip!

Top 10 Travel Instagram Photographers


Ever Changing Horizon travel photographer
Outdoor lifestyle and travel photographer based out of Southern California and Hawaii. Quin shares adventure photos featuring incredibly colorful places. From mountains to lakes he always manages to capture the most perfect moments. He’s also good at capturing skies full of stars.

Quin’s distinct photographic style captures the intrepid human spirit engaging with diverse, remote, and off the beaten path landscapes. Quin genuinely enjoys living on the edge, and the excitement and anticipation that he experiences for each new destination and adventure comes through in his unique and creative compositions.


chris burkard
Instagram Travel Photographer Chris Burkard is a self-taught professional photographer who takes surfing photos in a cool new direction. His breathtaking ice-surfing images explore the vast isolation of the frozen domains of Alaska, Iceland, and more.

One of the most famous travel photographers to date, Chris specializes in surf, lifestyle, & landscape photography. He has explored the world capturing images inspiring humans to connect and build a relationship with nature.

Photography is not only his specialty. He is also an author of several collections of books and a well-known speaker for national and international workshops. His photos are timeless and have become one of the most recognizable among our generation today. You can check out more on his website here.


Alex Strohl Instagram travel photographer

Alex Strohl’s images depict a story every traveler wishes was the narrative of their life on his Instagram account, @alexstrohl. No matter what you call his style, Strohl has a way of capturing beautiful travel moments in the most intimate, sensual way.

Strohl declares himself a photographer first, traveler second, but there’s always a blurred line between the two.


Emilie Ristevski
Emilie Ristevski travels the world with camera in hand and share the details that often go unseen. Posting pictures on her Instagram account, @helloemilie, glimpse her feed to see natural light and nostalgia.

Emilie captures our attention with every photo she takes — and whether it be the dreamlike quality of her photos or the way she highlights scale.


daniel kordan instagram travel photographer

Daniel shoots breathtaking landscape photography from places like Norway, Russia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and more. I’m always inspired by his feed. He’s surely passionate about ice and frozen things.

Renowned landscape photographer Daniel Kordan is an explorer at heart. Having realised his passion for photography and travelling at a young age, he now spends his time sharing his vision and the many wonders of the world with people all around him.


Brooke Saward travel photographer and blogger
Brooke Saward is an Australian travel blogger. She was twenty years old when she boarded her first plane solo. She has also been featured in several magazines including, Elle, US, & Australian National Geographic.

With a mixture of landscape, food, culture, & self-portrait photographs, she showcases her life on the road one country at a time. Now, she blogs and photographs for a living, quickly becoming an icon for travelers! Check out her awesome site here!


Chelsea Kauai
Chelsea is a definition of an outdoor adventure girl. Although from sunny Hawaii, you can find her camping in the snow, feeding wild squirrels or enjoying the waters of incredible lakes around the US.

Chelsea Yamase, best known on Instagram as Chelsea Kauai, didn’t set out to be a travel blogger sensation. In an attempt to quench her own thirst for adventure and her followers’ desire for artsy, travel-filled depictions and lifestyle inspiration, Chelsea has built an empire that champions all that’s natural in life.


Travis Burke Travel Photographer

Travis Burke’s diverse and creative approach to outdoor adventure photography stems from his own perspective on life. His dedication to conquering anything thrown at him and living life with no regrets shines through in his photographs. Whether it’s walking a slackline over canyons, freediving through caves in the ocean or capturing the Milky Way Galaxy in remote locations, Travis is constantly pushing himself and the boundaries of his craft.

Travis specializes in capturing the moment after your feet have left the ground, the thrill of a forest zip-line, and the triumph of getting out there and giving the world all you’ve got.


Le Backpacker travel phothographer

Johan is a world explorer with a passion for the outdoors and the wilderness, photographing places like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. He says that he’s ‘a person who notices beauty in the world’ and it does show in his photos.

Johan Lolos is a published Belgian-Greek self-taught photographer, based in Liège, Belgium, best known as lebackpacker on social media platforms. He released his first book Peaks of Europe published by Lannoo in 2018 that tells the story of a photographer’s 5-month journey around Europe’s most beautiful alpine regions.


Lauren Bath laurenepbath

Known as Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, Lauren has been capturing beautiful photos of her travels and sharing them for the rest of us. Her shots are both colorful and dreamy.

She has an impressive client list, having worked with global destination marketing bodies including Tourism Australia, Switzerland Tourism, Tourism South Africa, Tourism New Zealand, Canadian Tourism Commission,

With a dedicated audience of close to half a million followers (460,000 at last count), she is not only one of Australia’s most powerful travel Instagrammers but also a savvy social media consultant

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Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels