Habits You Can Change To Save More Money

5 Everyday Habits You Can Change To Save More Money To Travel!

We have planned for years that dream destination that we have. Most people don’t get a chance to realize their dream, and the most common reason is that they do not have the funds for it, but what if I tell you that a small change in your everyday habits can help you? What people do not understand is that by making a few changes to their lifestyle or taking creative steps to save the money for it, they can finally make it true to that holiday destination they have always wanted. Here are my tips for saving money so you can travel more often to far-flung destinations around the world.
Although you’re going to have to commit to your budget, it need not be as complicated as you imagine.

5 Easy Tips For Everyday Habits To Save Money To Travel More This Year!

Prepare Lunch at Home

If you change your habit of eating out at lunch and only having $20 a month to spend for yourself, you can easily save up to 2-3k per year. Spending $10-$12 a day on lunch meant you spent $240 a month! That’s adds up to almost $3000 a year!

In order to change your habits, you can either pack your lunch the night before or wake up early to have time to make your lunch in the morning. But remember, it’s fun to go out with coworkers sometimes. Even if you just made a small change two days a week, you’ll still be saving money.

Unplug And Turn Off Electronics You’re Not Using.

This could help you save an average per power bill: 5- 10%
We took this advice from our utility company and we try to be diligent about this. When we’re not in a room or using something, we turn off and unplug everything from the lights, the television, to chargers for our devices. We even unplug the microwave, hairdryer, coffee maker, curling iron, clothes iron, and washer and dryer when we’re not using them. When these items are plugged in but not being used, they still use electricity. Why pay for the electricity when you’re not using it?

Make Your Coffee At Home.

Everyday Habit make your own coffeeJust with changing this everyday habit, you could save almost $1000 per year.
By transitioning to making a cup of coffee at your home every morning you could save about $20 a week. Almost $1,000 savings just with coffee!

Netflix and Save

Another everyday habit you should consider is Cancel your subscriptions. It is hard to hear but you’re spending hundreds of dollars per year on different subscription services that basically offer you the same thing. If you really can’t go without Showtime, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Spotify and all the other streaming platforms, consider gathering some friends and setting up a family account.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is not always the best option, but for the items you’re constantly using around the house, this is the best way to save a few bucks. Everyday things like butter, alcohol, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent and soap are best bought in large quantities. And, if you join Costco, you can even book your vacation through them. You can order in bulk online from Amazon Pantry and have it all delivered to your house.

Where could you travel with $1,000-$2000 this year? This is a small start with changing just a few everyday habits, but that can make a huge difference in the long run!

There are many creative ways you can save money for traveling. Learn more about other creative ways to save money for your next trip.

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