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Habits You Can Change To Save More Money

5 Everyday Habits You Can Change To Save More Money To Travel!

We have planned for years that dream destination that we have. Most people don’t get a chance to realize their dream, and the most common reason is that they do not have the funds for it, but what if I tell you that a small change in your everyday habits can help you? What people do not understand is that by making a few changes to their lifestyle or taking...

Brazilian Habits

6 Brazilian Habits Americans Will Never Understand

Every culture has its own traditions, custom, and habits. The Brazilian culture also has its own singularities that may surprise you! Here are six very smart and insightful ways Brazilians habits are different than American according to Simone Santos. Brazilians work to live; Americans live to work Brazilians work hard, but family and life outside of work always...