Memorable Egyptian adventures

Memorable Egyptian adventures on a tight budget

Egypt is one of the best budget travel destinations around, especially given the fact just how amazing things to see there are!
From SE Asia, prices are quite similar with regards to food, accommodation and living expenses.

Egypt is one of the best budget travel destinations around, especially given the fact just how amazing things to see there are! From SE Asia, prices are quite similar with regards to food, accommodation and living expenses.

The Egypt low prices are due to their very important tourist industry having declined significantly after the political upheaval a few years ago.

Egypt is blessed with an abundance of magnificent ancient historical sites – but almost all charge entrance fees. The normal fees for each site range from about 30 LE – 80 LE ($5.20-$13.85)(1/2 price for students), which seems like quite a bit when thinking in Egyptian terms, but is really quite reasonable considering the significance.

Egypt is one of those countries has captured the interest of people from around the world. It’s fascinating history, impressive monuments, and rich culture has impressed many travelers over the years. However, unlike other cities such as Paris or Amsterdam where it’s best to roam and explore on your own, you’ll want to hire professional guides in Egypt.

The style of ancient Egyptian art is transcendently clear, something 8-year-olds can recognize in an instant. Its consistency and codification is one of the most epic visual journeys in all art, one that lasts 30 dynasties spread over 3,000 years.
– Jerry Saltz

Egypt has it all, from The Great Pyramids Of Giza to the lost oases in The Great Sand Sea, this is a place where backpackers can really explore and fulfill their wandering desires. Egypt is all about the attractions, Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and more.

How Much Will Egypt Cost?

$45/day for 2 people.

This amount includes transportation, entrance fees to the pyramids and many major sites, delicious local food, drinking beer & wine and staying in good budget backpackers’ accommodation. You’ll have to spend a bit more if you want to go scuba diving or go on a big desert excursion.

Budget Accommodation:($5-$18/night)

There is a wide range of accommodation is Egypt. You can do a combination of CouchSurfing, staying at hostels, sleeping on a felucca sailboat or taking overnight transportation.

Some of the cheapest accommodation you will find anywhere in Egypt are the hotels and guesthouses. A double room in the budget category will cost you between $5-15.

egyptian cuisine

Eating: ($1-$4/meal)

You can find fast-food classics, street food vendors, local family-run restaurants, and of course restaurants aimed at tourists. Prices will vary depending on where you eat and what you eat. Vegetarian meals can be eaten for less than $1 per meal and beds can be bought for around $4 a night.
Restaurants in Egypt can serve up delicious roasted chickens, falafels, bread with tahini spread, skewers, fresh seafood and soups for amazingly low prices.

A full chicken meal will only cost about $3. On most days you can eat great for as little as $2/meal. You can check the top 10 Egyptian food here.

Travelers need to know that tap water is not drinkable in Egypt so you will need to buy bottled water. Please also be mindful of any ice cubes in your drinks.

Entrance Fees: (Average $15-$17/person)

The ticket price to the most Entrance fees For Budget Backpackers in Egypt famous site is only about $10, making it the best value Wonder Of The World.
Other sites are equally impressive and affordable. Read more about the Egypt’s top attractions.

If you are not so much into history, your budget can be greatly reduced in this area.

Alcohol: ($1.50-$3 beer/cocktails)

Booze is cheap in Egypt as well as local beer too. It costs only about $1.50/bottle. A very good local beer is Luxor and is actually very tasty. Since Egypt is an Islamic country and drinking is not a part of many Egyptians, there is not a lot of drinking done by the locals.

Highlights & Must-Do’s:

Egypt is full of amazing sites, landscapes, and experiences. For a few of them, you need to have the drive out in the deep deserts where few other people go. Egypt is one of the most action-packed countries on earth and you could spend months exploring it.

It is the perfect destination for budget backpackers and adventure travelers.

Egypt is a fascinating country to explore with depths of history and culture.

While most tourists tend to book pre-packaged trips directly out of the airport into their air-conditioned buses, it’s rewarding to be your own tour guide and accumulate your own information. The cost of traveling to Egypt is quite low for what you can do and see.

Usually souvenirs at sites of interest are overpriced, though with a fair amount of chitchat, there are deals to be made. The Aswan market souk is a great place to buy things to take home from Egypt.