Top 2019 Youtube vloggers

Top 10 YouTube Travel Channels For 2019

YouTube is the top platform for travelers to showcase their love for exploration and adventure. Take a look at these 10 travel YouTubers and let them inspire you to book a flight and get out there! It’s not an easy task to find new vloggers to watch on youtube that are worth your valuable time. We set a list with the best travel vlogs to watch in 2019 based on the opinions of travel channel subscribers across the globe.

Top 10 YouTuber travel channels to follow in 2019

Fun for Louis

Louis Cole initially started out enthralling (and grossing out) viewers with his adventurous ability to eat every odd delicacy that was dead or alive.

A well-loved travel hero of YouTube, this U.K. travel vlogger, based in California, has taken to daily vlogs of his life, inspiring viewers to live the adventure. He has a following of over 2 million on YouTube. He is best known for posting a daily video blog on the channel FunForLouis, which documents his life and travels adventuring all over the globe.

Louis loves inspiring his millions of subscribers to get out there and travel, and his channel is one of the most popular YouTube travel channels out there because he uploads videos daily. Talk about being dedicated to travel! He is constantly pumping out exciting, charismatic content that resonates well with his audience of dreamers.

On his channel, you’ll find a wide range of creative video travel topics like dogsledding, camera tests, bus retreats and his recent 3-month round-the-world trip to 22 countries! He incorporates 360-degree video and has his fans introduce his videos. There’s always something new to discover when you’re on one of Louis’s many exciting adventures.

Check out Fun for Louis Map to learn more.

Sonia’s Travels

Sonia Gil is an entrepreneur and travel vlogger. She is the host and co-creator of Sonia’s Travels, which airs weekly on YouTube and Yahoo Screen. Sonia’s tips are incredibly useful and quick to watch. The “How to Travel” section is ideal for inexperienced travelers or those who need to build their confidence. Topics include how to work out while traveling, how to survive long flights, best advice for packing, traveling with pets, traveling solo and much more. Sonia and “Sonia’s Travels” — the name of her YouTube channel — are addicting.

Sonia Gil has one of the most well-produced travel shows on the web. She is a passionate traveler who offers practical travel tips using down-to-earth video blogs on YouTube and shares her discoveries with you in these fun & engaging videos from around the world.

She uploads fantastic travel tips every other Thursday, from her pro packing advice to the best beaches to visit in Brazil. Sonia is a must-follow if you are dreaming of your next getaway. Sonia has also developed an immersive online language-learning program called Fluenz!

The Bucket List Family

The Gee family started a blog called The Bucket List Family, and with over 1.2 million Instagram followers, they now have enough income to support their travel. They’re known around the world as The Bucket List Family with millions of people following their weekly adventures on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

When they were faced with the decision on whether or not to take the typical next step in life and “grow up”, build a house and settle into careers, they chose the path less taken! They started their family Youtube travel channel simply because “We feel like we still have so much to learn about life and happiness before we can set up our future life and home.”

From breakfast with Giraffes in Kenya, to snorkeling with humpback whales in Tonga, this adventure loving family will make you think twice about settling down!

The Bucket List Family became social media sensations after Garrett Gee, a young Utah husband and dad of two, sold his mobile-scanning app (Scan) to Snapchat for $54 million.

Kara and Nate

Nate Buchanan and his wife Kara had been talking about traveling for years. This husband and wife, and full-time travel YouTubers duo have been traveling full time for over 2 years and they have goal to travel to 100 countries by 2020. They share their adventures through daily vlogs on YouTube.

In January of 2016, they moved out of their apartment, sold their cars and boarded a one-way flight to Tokyo, Japan. YouTube has turned into their “career,” and as they say ther’re living a life better than they could have ever imagined! They have over 500 videos on their channel and have grown their audience so quickly for beginning their life of travel just a few years ago.

They saved up over 2 million miles and points through travel hacking strategies. They’ve used these miles and points to save well over $20,000+ in travel expenses over the last few years.

Mr Ben Brown

Explorer, vlogger, professional videographer, and photographer Ben Brown is “all work, all play.” A former world champion kayaker now traversing the globe, Ben showcases his epic adventures via breathtaking and cinematic vlogs on his self-titled YouTube channel, garnering 100M+ views.
Always inspiring others to explore, Ben inadvertently captured the risks of travel in 2016, with his “CAR CRASH CAUGHT ON GOPRO,” going rapidly viral with 2M+ views to date.

His Visual Vibes series showcases some seriously stunning travel cinematography, which will leave you breathless.

His videos contain authentic commentary, entrancing music, and light-hearted humor. This combo makes for an enchanting narrative experience.

The primary focus of his work lies on his travels, but he also gives his followers a plethora of videos to compliment his travel vlogs. These can be helpful tips for drone videography. Or they might be insider information, like where you can find the best Fish & Chips in Cape Town.
Featuring his Visual Vibes, globetrotting vlogs from the Arctic to South Africa, the sporty Motovlogs series, personal chats, and live streams, Ben fills his coordinating Instagram and blog with gorgeous photography and musings from the road.


YouTube travel enthusiasts Marko and Alex Ayling – the VagaBrothers are the wacky boys of the travel vlogging world.

As charismatic travel hosts revving you for the flight, they offer a cultural soft side into the joys of travelling. Coming to you from the photo-snapping, globetrotting duo, the Vagabrothers share their insights on how you can set yourself up for a longterm trip. It’s really special to see brothers who share a passion for travel and visual arts.

Their videos incorporate fun shooting styles, collaborations with other YouTubers, destination guides focused on culture and lethal drone shots.
They have created videos that contain value-packed resources to help fellow vagabonds make the most out of their travel experiences.

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore has risen to become one of the world’s most sought after influencers in the photography, how to, travel and human optimisation industry. With hundreds of thousands of fans across social media platforms, YouTuber Sorelle Amore has built an empire on sustainable living and travel.

She doesn’t produce strictly travel-related content, but many of her videos have travel infused in them in some way. Her mission is to help young creatives find their voice, figure out what moves them, discover their passions, and to take action towards making their life the best it can possibly be.

When you watch her, you won’t be able to resist the urge to follow her, as she is one of the most real, most engaging Youtube personalities out there!


Mark runs a very successful YouTube travel channel where he shares his passion for food & travel, with videos showing his food adventures in and around Asia, as well as covering the cultural food scene wherever he travels. His food videos not only entertain his viewers but also help drive a huge amount of traffic to his websites.

Mark Wiens is the founder of two websites: and Eating Thai Food. Born in Arizona, USA, Mark is now based in Bangkok. Food is the reason you should travel, and on his channel you’ll watch videos that feature incredibly delicious food and travel tips. He shares his passion for travel by delivering each country through mouth-watering morsels.

Migrationology is a website where “people who love to eat and travel” come to experience and get a flavour for delicious food from around the world and from across cultures. Migrationology provides information on mouthwatering food, plus it inspires people to get out of their comfort zone, setting goals, and pursue what they’re most passionate about.

Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is a travel vlogger, videographer, blogger and comedy youtuber who travels the world and shares her experiences and travel. She has been to over 60 countries, broadcasting her adventures on her Youtube travel channel, Hey Nadine
As the reigning female travel star on YouTube, Nadine Sykora knows what YouTube audiences want.

As Hey Nadine, she infuses her travel lifestyle channel with a creative flair of fashion, fun, food and entertainment.

From travel tips, to playful collaborations with other YouTubers, Nadine’s channel attracts an addiction to seeing just what new video she puts out next.


Mark Wolters of has been producing his own travel videos for over 10 years and has garnered over 100 Million views. His unique and fun look at the world has made his travel videos some of the most popular on YouTube.

Mark and Jocelyn and their two kiddos have been all over the world, vlogging about their experiences along the way so that other travelers can watch.

Sharing his unchained opinion on what travelers will love, hate and be shocked with about each city on his Youtube travel channel.

His videos are highly informative insights, which crack the travel code of each country.

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